Equipment/Inland Marine

If your business has an exposure that doesn't seem to fit into the "building and personal property" forms and endorsements, an inland marine policy can provide the necessary coverage.

General Categories of Inland Marine Forms

1.  Property that might leave your premises, and so would not be adequately covered (if at all) by the usual property forms. The inland marine forms could cover such things as a contractor's tools and equipment, a physician's medical equipment or a store's merchandise being delivered by truck to their customers. 

2.  Property that usually remains at a specified location, but involves some specialized risks which has caused the insurance to be developed as an inland marine coverage rather than as usual property coverage. Most common examples are the insurance of accounts receivable, valuable papers and neon signs.

3.  Property of customers in the custody of your business. The general term for inland marine insurance covering customer's property is Bailee's Insurance. Typical businesses having an exposure are dry cleaners, radio and TV repair shops, appliance repair shops, cargo truckers and furniture storage warehouses. 

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