Garage/Keepers Liability Insurance

Garage Liability

Garage operations risk both automobile and general liability. Repair and service operations also have significant care, custody and control exposures for the automobiles left in their care. Towing operations face similar risks, as well as pollution issues.

Garage Liability policies insure dealers, garages, parking facilities, accessory businesses and service stations for liability to others for accidents arising from operations.

The policy is usually written on a payroll basis, although limited coverage may be obtained on a named driver or specified car. Tailored for the automobile risk, this policy is better than commercial general liability insurance for many businesses in this category.

Garagekeeper’s Liability

Garagekeeper’s liability provides coverage to owners of storage garages, parking lots, body and repair shops for liability for damage to automobiles left in their custody for safekeeping or repair. Coverage is contingent on establishing liability on the part of the insured.

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