Umbrella/Excess Liability insurance

Safeguard your business against catastrophic liability claims. The policy acts as additional coverage over your primary liability policies. Its limits apply in addition to that provided by the underlying coverage. A Commercial Lines Umbrella covers business activities and excludes personal activities.

Additional coverages that may be obtained on an umbrella policy:

  • Non-Owned Aircraft - applies when an employee owns or uses a private plane, and causes an accident.
  • Non-Owned Watercraft - applies when an employee owns or uses a watercraft, and causes an accident.
  • Blanket Contractual - includes coverage for oral contracts even if the underlying liability doesn't.
  • Legal liability for damage caused by the insured to property in his care, custody and control, adding to and broadening other coverages.
  • Broader wording of personal injury to include such things as sexual harassment, wrongful discharge from employment, and unintentional discrimination.
  • Employee Benefits Liability, for errors in the administration of benefit programs, even if not insured in the underlying coverages.
  • Broad treatment of foreign liability.
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