Umbrella Insurance

A Personal Umbrella policy provides a large additional layer of liability coverage over what you already have from your automobile, homeowners, boat, or other personal insurance policies. It also provides coverages not usually included in your basic policies.

You may need a Personal Umbrella Policy if you:

  • Own and operate a vehicle 
  • Have visitors to your home
  • Own a pet
  • Have a swimming pool
  • Operate a business out of your home

If any of the above apply to you, then consider purchasing a Personal Umbrella Policy. Each of these circumstances, as well as many others, provide ample opportunity for property damage and personal injury – the basis for many lawsuits. Skyrocketing medical costs and ever-increasing cost of living are driving settlements into the thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars. These amounts often exceed your primary homeowners or auto insurance coverage and the difference comes directly out of your pocket.

The Personal Umbrella policy not only pays damages resulting from judgments where you’re found legally liable, but it also pays the costs of your legal defense. This additional coverage could save you thousands of dollars in legal defense fees.

Coverages include:

  • Coverage for you, your spouse, children, and relatives living with you
  • Larger limits ranging from $1 million to $10 million
  • Coverage for libel, slander, false arrest, false imprisonment, wrongful eviction, violation of another person’s privacy rights, and wrongful detention
  • Worldwide liability coverage for personal liability and operation of automobiles and watercraft
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